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What if you could predict the future? The crucial combination of Process Mining and Business Process Simulation

25 Jan, 20243:00pm CET45 minutes
"What if" you knew how changes to processes, due to external influences or adjustments, would affect the output? You would be able to act proactively by simulating different scenarios and characteristics. A digital assistant would calculate all combinations and provide you with the answer to your what-if questions. Sound too good to be true? Fortunately not! The combination of Process Mining and Business Process Simulation makes it possible.

In our webinar on January 25, 2024, you will learn how mpmX in combination with Silico's Business Process Simulation platform enables you to simulate future scenarios and predict their impact on process metrics. In a live demo, we will show you how both tools combined ensure continuous process improvements through informed decision making. We cordially invite you to join us!

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  • Introduction
    Strategic partnership of mpmX and Silico
  • Process Mining
    Funcionality of a Process Excellence Platform
  • Business Process Simulation
    Functionality of a Simulation Platform
  • The crucial combination of PM & BPS
    Opportunities and added values
  • Live Demo
    Demonstrating the value cycle from gaining insights, testing scenarios, executing measures and monitoring them
  • Q&A
    Take the opportunity to ask your questions to our experts


Jan Birkholz

Sales Manager


Martin Lycko

Customer Success Manager

Want to know more about the combination of Process Mining and Business Process Simulation?

What if we automated one process step in production? What if we used twice as many employees for transport? What if ...? These scenarios can be tested in a virtual environment using business process simulation to come to a clear decision. The data situation is crucial for a reliable and well-founded process simulation. This is where process mining comes into play. Combing both disciplines – process mining and business process simulation – enables easier decision making and targeted improvements in business processes. But first: What is business process simulation and what is process mining?

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