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AI-driven Sustainability Transformation

CO2 emissions

Significant cost burden for companies

The emission of CO2 is becoming more and more expensive. Companies that do not reduce their carbon footprint are paying an increasingly high price for it and risk damaging their image.

Regulatory costs: Fines of up to 10 million euros or 5% annual turnover

Operating costs: Price per ton of CO2 to rise from €30 to €55-65 by 2026

Financing costs: Lenders increasingly take environmental behavior into account in cost of capital

Reputational risks: Reputation as a polluter can become very expensive

Extended CO2 reporting obligation from 2024

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

  • Expansion of reporting companies on sustainability aspects
  • European reporting standards and external audit as of January 1, 2024
  • Valid for all companies with more than 250 employees

Typical problems in reporting
and reducing CO2 emissions

Many companies find it difficult to understand the extent of their own carbon footprint in order to reduce it strategically and sustainably. Although countless technologies and measures for CO2 reduction exist, they do not succeed in consolidating measures transparently and efficiently. Conventional CO2 tools do not solve these problems:

Vague assumptions
CO2 calculations based on assumptions and estimates


Manual effort
High manual effort (workshops, Excel tables, etc.)

Uncertain prioritization
Uncertainty as to which measures will have the greatest effect

Many data sources
Heterogeneous data sources, manual effort, lack of process coherence

"Companies will only be successful in the future if they understand the connection between economy, ecology and social responsibility, i.e. sustainability, in its full scope and translate it into consistent action."

Monika Bruckmann, Head of the UIB Environment Institute

mpmX as a all-in-one tool

The solution is an intelligent
Process Excellence Platform

In order to solve the challenges described, it requires an intelligent form of software solution. mpmX makes it possible to analyze and monitor business processes strategically and to trigger intelligent measures such as automations. The possibilities with mpmX are nearly unlimited.

Data Integration

Our flexible platform with more than 150 connectors adapts to any environment. Our API-first-approach allows you to seamlessly integrate log data from any IT or IoT system. Integrated ETL and mining algorithms ensure the agility and performance of mpmX.

Process Mining

Process Mining makes it possible to visualize and analyze business processes in real time. Create absolute transparency, identify deviations from to-be processes or causes for inefficiencies in order to optimize your business processes in a targeted manner.

Process Automation

Repetitive, manual and time-consuming tasks in business processes can be effortlessly automated and orchestrated with mpmX. In this way, companies can reduce errors in processes, increase their productivity and efficiency, and therefore save time and money.

Our CO2 app

We have therefore made it our goal to support companies in their sustainability transformation. Our pre-built CO2 app tracks the emissions of all your business processes. Through standardized interfaces and a pre-built ETL path, you can effortlessly integrate your data to gain valuable insights into your CO2 emissions. Easy-to-use dashboards illustrate key metrics about your carbon footprint. Watch how your company's footprint shrinks in real-time through smart actions!

Percise capture
Transparent CO2 calculations based on real data and AI algorithms


Prioritizing measures
Know exactly which measures bring the greatest added value

All sustainability efforts as well as their progress become objectively measurable

Responsible action wins the trust of customers or investors

Simplified ESG reporting
Simple reporting through a CO2 footprint label

Relieving automation
Identify and implement CO2-saving automation potentials

Sustainable innovations
Targeted sustainable practices open up new business opportunities

Reduced costs
More efficient processes and energy use reduce operating costs

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