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Value Stream Mapping


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mpmX in Focus: Value Stream Mapping

19 Dec, 20233:00pm CET30 minutes
Value stream mapping is a lean management method for analyzing the current state of the processes that a product or service goes through from its creation to its final delivery to the customer. The aim is to discover critical and inefficient steps and to design an improved future state of the processes. Value stream maps are often still created manually in production with the help of interviews and stopwatches. Couldn't that be easier?

Yes, with the right mpmX Business App for Value Stream Mapping. In our webinar, you will learn how you can use process mining to identify the causes of delays and waste in your workflow and take corrective action using process automation. Get to know the possibilities of our app for successful value stream mapping in our compact focus webinar.

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  • What is Value Stream Mapping?
  • Challenges in VSM
  • What is process mining?
  • Get to know our Business App for VSM
  • Live Demo and Q&A


Florian Stich

Solution Consultant

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