Introduction to the Data Set

The provided data set contains data for a purchase-to-pay, or P2P process. P2P refers to the end-to-end business functions from purchase to payment including requesting, purchasing, receiving, paying, and accounting for goods and services.

The data set “P2P_EventLog.qvd” contains the three fields that are required for process mining: “Activity”, “PurchaseOrderItem”, and “Timestamp”. The “Activity” field contains the name of the event. The “PurchaseOrderItem” field contains the CaseID, the unique identifier for a purchase order. The “Timestamp” field contains the time of the start and the end of an activity. Also, there are more fields that put this information into context, such as “Supplier”, “ProductClass”, “DocType”, “SpendArea”, etc.

There is a second data set provided which is called “Suppliers.qvd”. This data set contains the two fields “Supplier” and “City”. These fields will bring further context information into the analysis.