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Discover hidden process knowledge



[ˈprəʊ.ses ˈmaɪ.nɪŋ], the; (Business Process Discovery)

Automated business process analysis - with all relevant key figures - based on digital traces in IT systems. Process knowledge contained in data, implicit and otherwise hidden is visualized and thus tangible and transportable.

Process mining is a technology for the systematic analysis and evaluation of business processes. In such a digitized world, the problem often arises that overview is lost due to an infinite amount of incoming data. Process Mining examines this data, visualizes the process flows in real time and identifies weak points. Effort, time and ultimately the costs for process analysis and optimization can thus be significantly reduced.


Process Mining Phases:

  • Problems are concretized, requirements identified and the objective is defined.
  • Process data is evaluated and deviations from the target process are made apparent.
  • Causes of problems and inefficiencies are identified, analyzed and processed into visual indicators.
  • Countermeasures are taken to optimize the detected vulnerabilities.


Your benefits:

Process Transparency

Experience visually how your business processes truly function

Process Insights

Gain comprehensive insights based on your existing processes


Gain agility in days instead of months by evaluating digital traces that are left behind troughout IT systems

Automated Measure Management

Provides targeted information by means of alerts or triggers corrective measures directly

Targeted Cause Analysis

Experience how the causes of inefficiencies are found quickly and systematically

Holistic Optimization

Takes a close look at the entire value chain and optimizes it

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Video | Process Mining Explained in a Nutshell

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