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Data Integration. Data Analytics. Data literacy - we are confident in the "leader" of the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms. The Qlik Platform delivers an end-to-end approach to Active Intelligence and provides the perfect framework for agile Process Mining - a real win-win situation for Qlik users. Qlik newcomers can also benefit from this unique form of Process Mining.

Turn raw data
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Active Intelligence combined with our unique end-to-end data integration and analytics solution, will enable you to bridge the gap between data, insights and action.
Transform your business with reliable real-time data, collaborative analysis, and actionable insights.

In many cases "standalone" BI and Process Mining solutions already exist based on similar input data. MPM was developed out of the understanding that Process Performance Indicators (PPIs) should not form their own analysis clusters in addition to conventional indicator analyses. On the contrary: the special features of the modern "agile BI" pioneer Qlik® are "inherited" through a Process Mining analysis and offer a unique added value. A real win-win situation for Qlik® users and newcomers.

2-in-1: Process and performance indicators

The combination of Process Performance Indicators (PPIs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) gives you a Single Point of Truth for analyzing, optimizing and managing your business and value creation. This opens a door to a new kind of data-driven business culture and greater operational excellence.

Self-service and governance

The award-winning self-service functionalities with consideration of data governance included in MPM enable employees to independently perform Process Mining analyses and create new reports. This seamless collaboration between IT, data scientists, process managers and users leads to a maximum gain in knowledge and more informed decisions in an astonishingly short amount of time.

Associative discovery and search

Our native InMemory technology enables unlimited views of all data and processes. It indexes and understands each relationship within your data, allowing employees to freely search in any direction and discover correlations. Think of it as an X-ray vision that grants insights you can't get with query-based tools.

Augmented Intelligence & natural language

In addition to the already outstanding capabilities in analyzing information, users can expect first-class assistance: Augmented intelligence functions such as the suggestion of process insights and natural language interaction with the Insight Bot provide employees with assistance in analyzing, interpreting, and decision-making. In addition, employees can be notified proactively about any developments.

All the data you need:
Relevant and ready for analysis


The Data Integration Platform

Nowadays, companies collect huge amounts of data. But most of this data, which could be used to drive decisions and actions, is either useless or not ready for further analysis. We use DataOps for Analytics. This allows you to turn raw data into reliable and useful information that is easy to find, up-to-date, and immediately available for your Process Mining application.

Qlik Data Integration Platform
Pipelines for streaming data with Change Data Capture (CDC)

Move data sets of any size in real time without overloading source systems for efficient deployment in the cloud and beyond.

Automatically transform raw data into ready-to-analyze information

Increase agility and scalability by automating data warehouses or data lakes. This eliminates the need to create complex scripts, reduces errors, and increases user confidence in the data.

Easy access to data thanks to a corporate catalog

Provide trusted, regulated access to all relevant information that makes it easy for users to find, prepare, and use data.

From data to

Qlik Data Analytics Platform

The Data Analytics Platform

Our platform raises the bar for a new generation of data analytics. Powered by the unique Associative Engine and supported by powerful Augmented Intelligence (AI), users can explore data without restrictions, regardless of skills or knowledge. With the most complete platform for modern BI on the market, you can incorporate actionable insights into every decision - in our cloud or wherever you choose.

Limitless analytics

The Associative Engine indexes all connections within your data. It enables "peripheral vision", so to speak. Instead of users being fixated on one point, it unlocks an entirely new perspective and allows users to gain insights that other BI tools are not able to provide.

Augmented Intelligence sharpens your intuition

With powerful AI, analytics can take on a new dimension. By automating processes and providing contextual insights, employees can make interesting new discoveries faster and become more data savvy.

Gain insights where decisions are made

Embed analytics directly into applications and business processes to ensure that every action is immediately driven by insights.

Establish a culture
driven by data

Data literacy as a service

When it comes to transforming your business using data, people play an equally important role as technology. We follow a holistic approach to ensure customer success. We want you to be able to build a culture that is driven by data and that will ensure that your investments in staff, technology and processes pay off in every respect.

Data literacy as a service
Round the clock support for the entire company

Functioning processes are crucial for your business. In critical cases, all customers have access to support on a 24/7 basis. Qlik and/or we are always there to support you.

Our services for your success

Achieve your goals with customized consulting services, training and other service offerings for maximum results - from Qlik, our partners and/or us.

Data literacy for everyone

Get a subscription for access to training courses, consulting and change management services and boost your company's data literacy.

What added value does Process Mining provide beyond "classic" analytics with Qlik Sense?

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