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Do you really master
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ValueStory Sales&AfterSales: Data-driven value creation thanks to Active Process Intelligence

5 May, 20223:00pm CEST1 hour
A smoothly functioning value chain is the basis for outstanding customer service, competitive advantages and profitability. Therefore, an honest answer to the question "Do you really have your business processes under control?" is worthwhile. In the course of digitalisation, it is essential to put the processes in one's own business area to the test and to continuously analyze and optimize them with regard to the criteria of costs, quality, time, efficiency and volume. For this, information must be permanently available and, thanks to current real-time data, support the immediate and automated implementation of measures. We call this Active Process Intelligence.

In the ValueStory webinar with the focus topic Sales&AfterSales, you will learn which unique added values Active Process Intelligence delivers in the Sales and AfterSales area. Dive into the ValueStories of other companies and take the first important step for your own project "Reshaping Value Creation".


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Increase of the conversion rate
by 20%

A large manufacturer of consumer goods for personal care products was able to increase the conversion rate in its online store by 20% by avoiding abandonments in the payment process.

Active Process Intelligence for Sales & AfterSales

Intelligent Value Creation with Process Mining

Sales is one of the most popular areas to be subjected to business and process analysis. There are many challenges here: Many of the work steps in everyday sales are IT-supported and thus leave so-called "digital traces". The process steps between initial order and cash payment (=payment) can be very different. This is mainly related to your business and operating model. Regardless of the exact process (make-to-order, make-to-stock, service business), different systems such as CRM, ERP, data warehouses, SCM/logistics systems or other software solutions play together in the entire sales process.

Based on digital traces and AI, Active Process Intelligence examines the entire sales process across systems and in real time and informs you specifically by means of intelligent alerts or triggers corrective measures directly.

Deviations from the target process as well as fraud cases become visible. From customer order to payment, the entire value chain - i.e., the conversion of orders into cash – can be scrutinized and optimized. Likewise, the process steps that can take place after the "money" has been received, such as after-sales activities or credit notes. Causes of inefficiencies and weak points can be found quickly and systematically. Solution approaches can be developed based on facts and corrective measures can be triggered directly. The digitization of sales also becomes measurable.

Whether for the entire process or sub-processes – with Active Process Intelligence, an unprecedented, permanent level of information is created, optimization potentials become visible, measures are taken or even automatically initiated and tied-up chapter can be released.

Visit the ValueStory Live Webinar Sales&AfterSales and benefit from:


Pre-built Best Practice Playbooks with Key Performance Indicators & Process Performance Indicators for Sales & Aftersales.


Learn about a wide variety of application scenarios and success stories. Gain insight into how hidden value creation potentials could be revealed.


Experience the Active Process Intelligence platform with the key technology Process Mining live. Learn why Active Process Intelligence is more than just a buzzword.

Badenova (Energy)
Sales-Processes and Customer Journeys

Covering the whole customer journey from first interaction to winback scenarios.

Frauenthal Group (Commerce)

As a large distributor for sanitary products with over hundred locations MPM is used to analyze the sales process.

Center of Excellence Process Mining

Corporate roll-out of MPM within Rewe Group. Use cases: Purchasing, Accounts Receivables and Warehouse Analysis.

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What is Active Process Intelligence all about?

The demands of the digital economy have turned our ideas of modern BI and Process Mining analyses upside down. The goal of the paradigm shift toward active intelligence is to compensate for the deficits of traditional, passive business analyses. Instead, information should be permanently available and, thanks to up-to-date real-time data, support the immediate implementation of measures along the entire value chain. We refer to this as Active Process Intelligence.


By Active Process Intelligence we mean a permanently high level of information, where technology and processes based on current real-time data help to initiate measures immediately and automatically.

Intelligent data analytics pipelines

Traditional analytics use disparate solutions for collection, integration, delivery, analysis, collaboration, and storytelling. There is no unified pipeline for these. Active Process Intelligence bridges the gaps between these disparate components and creates a multi-directional channel for continuous enterprise-wide data and information flow. Thanks to this intelligent data analysis pipeline, users have instant access to cutting-edge information.

  • Combine data from disparate sources
  • Automatically transfer and transform data
  • Trace data

Provide up-to-date information in real time

Active Process Intelligence provides up-to-date information when it matters: right now. Whether automated metrics and results are driven from dashboards or embedded directly into machine processes, Active Process Intelligence combines "data at rest" with "data in motion". Changes in data are reflected immediately and users are always aware of current business trends.

  • Information available everywhere and at any time
  • Augmented analytics with AI and machine learning
  • Collaboration along the entire pipeline

Trigger measures immediately

Traditional analysis was intended to inform users and, as a result, could be used to guide action. It was not intended to prompt action or even trigger action on its own. As the name implies, "Active Process Intelligence" is about both informed decision-making and actively implementing or triggering specific actions.

  • Dynamic alerting and triggering of events
  • Notification of users
  • Coordinated actions


Personalized customer experience | Offering customers added value in real time builds trust, strengthens loyalty, and increases customer lifetime value. In customer service, for example, inquiries can be answered in a personalized manner and prospects who wanted to buy an out-of-stock product can receive new offers dynamically.

Recognize trends, correlations and changes in the business and the market and react to them immediately.

Redesign strategies, processes and products to meet the demands of the digital world in the blink of an eye.

Foster collaboration and close the historical divide between data producers and users.

Improve business results by increasing agility and efficiency across all areas.

Create trust through traceability of the findings and measures implemented.

"MPM fulfilled our requirements in terms of real-time data processing, high user-friendliness, efficiency, intelligent analysis mechanisms, ready-to-use business content as well as flexibility and price-performance and, last but not least, convinced us with its excellent visualization and performance features."

Wolfgang Lottes | Vice President Audit Governance & ICS | E.ON SE

Learn more about Active Process Intelligence in the live webinar

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