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Analyze. Execute. Automate: Discover the most intuitive and seminal way to get value from process data

9 Jun, 20223:00pm CEST1 hour
The possibilities for process analysis and optimization continue to develop at a rapid pace. Looking in the rearview mirror is no longer enough. Information must be permanently available and, thanks to current real-time data, support the immediate and automated implementation of corrective actions and workflows. We call this Active Process Intelligence. Get to know the intuitive Enterprise Intelligence Platform in combination with the latest enhancements around MPM eXecution and bring your business to a new, seminal level.


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  • Active Process Intelligence & Process Execution Management - what's behind it? |
    Get to know the end-to-end concept for data-driven, automated process optimization
  • The Platform Approach - one platform, many possibilities |
    Learn about the indispensable benefits an enterprise intelligence platform offers companies
  • LIVE DEMO - "The most intuitive and seminal way to get value from process data." |
    Discover the power of the intuitive, optimization-centric solution, as well as the latest, cutting-edge features and enhancements from the latest MPM release
  • Q&A - Take the time to address your individual questions to the business process experts

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In this webinar, you will learn about the latest, cutting-edge features and enhancements of the latest MPM release. In particular, learn more about the enhancements around the MPM eXecution Suite. MPM eXecution combines real-time process analysis with targeted action management for process optimization.


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What is Active Process Intelligence all about?

The demands of the digital economy have turned our ideas of modern BI and Process Mining analyses upside down. The goal of the paradigm shift toward active intelligence is to compensate for the deficits of traditional, passive business analyses. Instead, information should be permanently available and, thanks to up-to-date real-time data, support the immediate implementation of measures along the entire value chain. We refer to this as Active Process Intelligence.


By Active Process Intelligence we mean a permanently high level of information, where technology and processes based on current real-time data help to initiate measures immediately and automatically.

Intelligent data analytics pipelines

Traditional analytics use disparate solutions for collection, integration, delivery, analysis, collaboration, and storytelling. There is no unified pipeline for these. Active Process Intelligence bridges the gaps between these disparate components and creates a multi-directional channel for continuous enterprise-wide data and information flow. Thanks to this intelligent data analysis pipeline, users have instant access to cutting-edge information.

  • Combine data from disparate sources
  • Automatically transfer and transform data
  • Trace data

Provide up-to-date information in real time

Active Process Intelligence provides up-to-date information when it matters: right now. Whether automated metrics and results are driven from dashboards or embedded directly into machine processes, Active Process Intelligence combines "data at rest" with "data in motion". Changes in data are reflected immediately and users are always aware of current business trends.

  • Information available everywhere and at any time
  • Augmented analytics with AI and machine learning
  • Collaboration along the entire pipeline

Trigger measures immediately

Traditional analysis was intended to inform users and, as a result, could be used to guide action. It was not intended to prompt action or even trigger action on its own. As the name implies, "Active Process Intelligence" is about both informed decision-making and actively implementing or triggering specific actions.

  • Dynamic alerting and triggering of events
  • Notification of users
  • Coordinated actions

"MPM fulfilled our requirements in terms of real-time data processing, high user-friendliness, efficiency, intelligent analysis mechanisms, ready-to-use business content as well as flexibility and price-performance and, last but not least, convinced us with its excellent visualization and performance features."

Wolfgang Lottes | Vice President Audit Governance & ICS | E.ON SE

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Get to know the intuitive Enterprise Intelligence Platform in combination with the latest enhancements around MPM eXecution and bring your business to a new, seminal level.