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Welcome to the Course!

Learn everything about how process mining can change your business. You will get full transparency of your processes and find optimization potentials with ease.

This course will teach you how to use and navigate the dashboards of an mpmX App. We will introduce you to all sheets, so that you know exactly where to carry out which analyses. To do so, we will use an app that refers to a Purchase-to-Pay process (P2P). The course is split in two parts – the first will explain the purpose and use of the mpm Dashboard and the second part will focus on the mpm Tool sheets.

Check and strengthen your acquired knowledge with tests after watching each sheet video.

Hint: It is recommended to use the Chrome browser and adapt the browser zoom accordingly that all objects in the app are displayed correctly. Enjoy the course!

Note: the E-Learning course is based on the mpmX March 2022 release and so newer features are not shown.