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This course is designed for partners and customers who are already familiar with our mpmX analytics product and are curious to learn a bit about mpmX execution. It is a high-level introduction to the mpmX execution product, explaining how both mpmX analytics and mpmX execution complement each other to form our Process Excellence Platform. You will see how to navigate the main pages, how to add and edit a process in BPMN, and the impact it will have on the workflow.

(Last edited December 2023.)

For more detailed information about mpmX execution talk to your sales representative or visit

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • explain the vocabulary used in our software
  • compare and contrast mpmX analytics and mpmX execution
  • tell a story that gives an example of how mpmX execution can benefit a business
  • give a quick demonstration of select features:
    • how to navigate the pages
    • how to edit certain configurations and their impact.