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Hello there and welcome!

This is the final test to gain official mpmX Business User Certification. The questions are based on the video material in the eLearning courses which were all based on the March 2022 release.

When you pass this certification an official certificate will be available here on this main page for download.

You will need to open the Hub (find the link further down this page) and access the app “MPM_ProcessMining_P2P March 2022 eLearning” to complete the test questions.

Important Information:

You need active access to eLearning and the Hub. Do not start your certification test until you have access to the eLearning Hub.

  • This certification test is timed. You will have 2 hours to complete 38 questions. Timing begins when you open the test.
  • Test questions have varying amounts of points, based on complexity. As you take the test you will see the value of each question.
  • The passing grade is 80%.
  • You can only take the certification once per purchase.
  • If you do not pass on your first try and need to retake the test, please contact to have your old test deleted. Then you can purchase new access to the certification.

Recommended Learning: While not required, it is recommended that before taking this certification, you should complete the mpmX Business User course. You should also take some time to practice and hone your skills before taking the certification to give you the best chances of success.