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Access valuable know-how for your business department with mpmX Business Apps. The ready-made dashboards provide comprehensive insights into processes and key performance indicators, empowering you to make informed decisions. Gain tangible insights and useful information about departments, including real-life case studies and webinar recordings. Explore the diverse application areas of process mining and discover the benefits of our Business Apps.


Purchase-to-Pay Processes

Optimize your procurement

Purchasing processes can be analyzed quickly and easily with mpmX. From the purchase requisition to the payment, the entire process chain can be investigated. Learn more about the application scenario "mpmX in Purchasing" and master process complexity as well as compliance guidelines.

Accounts Payable | Get more information on how mpmX can be used to analyze financial flows in purchasing.

Case Study | Energy Supplier E.ON | Purchase-to-Pay

Create transparency: Gain clear visibility into processes and suppliers

Cost-saving: Reduce process costs and maximize savings

Delivery service: Optimize and improve the speed and quality

Efficient procurement: Enhance process efficiency for better results

Measurable digitalization: Quantify the impact of digital transformation

Accelerate lead times: Reduce waiting and delays for faster results

mpmX in Purchasing:
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Order-to-Cash Processes

Everything under control
from order to cash

Customer satisfaction is a key determinant of success, making order-to-cash one of the most crucial end-to-end core processes where process mining plays a significant role. By applying process mining techniques, the IT-enabled tasks within the sales process, from order to payment, are made transparent, enabling optimization opportunities and automation potentials to be identified and implemented.

Accounts Receivable | Get more information on how mpmX can be used to analyze financial flows in sales.

Webinar on Demand: Improving the Customer Journey with Process Mining

Punctual deliveries: Improve on-time performance

Optimize customer service: For efficiency & excellence

Reduce risk: Minimizing uncertainty

Boost sales process efficiency: More productivity & performance

Transparent sales: Fostering trust & customer engagement

Measuring digitalization: Evaluating all progress

Further information | Possible application scenarios
of mpmX in Sales
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Production Processes

Prevent bottlenecks and monitor quality

Fluctuations in demand and individual customer requirements affect every production. The quality of the product must be in harmony with its manufacturing costs. Only a professional can maintain the necessary overview for optimization projects in such a changing multi-factor environment – with the right tool in hand.

Webinar on Demand: Powerful Value Stream Mapping with Process Mining

Shorter delivery times: Better delivery quality

Minimal capital investment: Low costs and flexibility

Assets benchmarking: Assess performance

Quality defect prevention: Eliminate root causes

Efficient logistics: Lean process optimization

Production planning: Optimize capacity utilization

Further information | Possible application scenarios of mpmX in Production
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Optimize Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) is one of the most complex processes in companies. The reason for this is the high number of participants in logistical processes as well as the variety of goods and services offered. In addition to internal factors, external factors in particular have a direct impact on the supply chain. With mpmX, it is possible to react quickly and correctly to constantly changing framework conditions.

Webinar on Demand: The Power of Agile Process Mining – From raw to ready: How to build a solution for supply chain transparency „on the fly“

Ensure delivery times: Enhance efficiency and meet deadlines

Reduce Lead Times: Streamline operations for faster delivery

Benchmarking: Optimize suppliers and logistics

Cost optimization: Customs duties and transport costs

Delivery reliability: The key to customer satisfaction

Adapt rapidly: Respond to external factors

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of mpmX in Logistics & SCM
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Creating transparency and taking targeted action

mpmX enhances finance areas like accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoice receipt, procure-to-pay, and working capital management. It resolves issues such as missed cash discounts, supplier reminders, inefficient subsidiaries, and unnecessary capital commitments.

Our platform improves accounts payable by optimizing processes and eliminating obstacles. It ensures timely fulfillment by addressing issues like late payments, long lead times, and invoice approvals, while eliminating unnecessary process loops. mpmX maximizes accounts receivable management by enhancing transparency and efficiency. It enables effective monitoring of bill receivables, streamlines processes such as open receivables control and timely invoicing.­­­

Webinar on Demand: Optimizing Accounts Payable Processes with Process Mining

Unlocking capital: Optimize financial liquidity

Process weakness: Uncover and improve

Location benchmarking: Performance evaluation

Reduce risk: Leverage process mining for enhanced safety

Measuring optimization: Quantify improvements

Efficient operations: Eliminate inefficiencies

Further information | Possible application scenarios of mpmX in Financial Management
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