Process Mining for insurance companies

Impress your customers and employees with smooth processes and improve your insurance company's combined ratio at the same time.

Active support in your project, no long project runtimes and guaranteed savings potential

You are not alone in this

Shortage of skilled workers

Insurance companies cannot keep up with the increasing volume of expenses, which is hampering the growth of organizations.

Frustrated employees

Insurance employees are frustrated by recurring inefficiencies in claim processes.

Cost pressure

The financial pressure on insurers is increasing due to comparison portals and unpredictable claims expenses.

Intransparent processes

Customers lose their trust in an insurance company when they do not know the current status of their claim.

Disappointed customers

The customer experience suffers because claims are processed too slowly or because customers are not kept informed of the processing status.

Customer churn

Expectations for a positive service experience are higher than ever. Even short delays cause customers to churn.

How we help

Full transparency

With process mining, we create transparency about claims processes and customer journeys. We show you exactly where optimization is needed. In this way, resources such as employees can be deployed more efficiently and trust-breaking moments within the customer experience can be identified and solved.

Combined Ratio

The combined ratio can be reliably controlled with process mining. How? We don't have claims costs under control, but we do control internal costs! We help you to save costs efficiently by constantly reducing administrative expenses, optimally estimating loss reserves and constantly checking the profitability of various insurance products.

Digital & automated processing

Repetitive, manual and time-consuming tasks in your insurance processes can be easily automated and orchestrated with mpmX – even across departments and systems. On the one hand, customers can be satisfied with the digital, fast and informed processing of their claims. On the other hand, insurance employees are relieved and can concentrate on handling special cases.

Your benefits with mpmX

Freedom of Deployment
On-premise or cloud – your choice! You maintain complete control over your data. 

2 in 1: Analysis and Automation
Powerful process mining and execution component in one platform.

Short Time-to-Launch
We implement your project in the shortest possible time. We present the first results within 8 days. 

Insurance Expertise
We support insurance companies from various sectors and know the challenges you face.

More about Process Mining for insurance companies

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How to get started

Contact us and describe your current challenges and goals.

We will contact you within 3 days and clarify the technical requirements for an mpmX project with you. 

Within 8 days, we will prepare a proof of value with your data and present you with the first results of your insurance processes.

Daniel Dehm, Head of Business Intelligence
BGV Badische Versicherungen

"With mpmX we found a perfectly fitting solution for our BGV server landscape and infrastructure. The high performance with large data volumes was convincing. Furthermore, the flexible self-service analysis options allowed us to define to-be processes."

Case Study
BGV Badische Versicherungen

Read the case study to find out how BGV was able to analyze and sustainably optimize its claims processes with mpmX.

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Sirko Schoeder
Many years of experience in Data Analytics and Process Mining in the insurance industry


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