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Process Mining with mpmX analytics

Use process mining to identify inefficiencies and unexpected business values in demanding data environments.

Companies are chaotic and complex

Most companies operate inconsistently. Each department works differently, uses different jargon, and does its own thing. Often systems don't work well together either.  This results in a fundamental problem: processes are difficult to understand. As a result, many companies have great difficulty optimizing their business processes. The negative consequences look like this:

Reduced efficiency

A lack of transparency on working methods in companies hinders the ability to check and improve efficiency.

Dissatisfied customers

Customers experience chaotic processes due to long waiting times or a lack of service.

Limited corporate value

There is hidden business potential in every company that promises economic added value without a great deal of effort.

Unravel complex processes through Process Mining.

So, what can you do to actually improve performance? First, you need a clear understanding of processes within the company. When all relevant points are connected, a large, organized overall picture is created.


With Process Mining you can answer these questions:

How well are processes currently working?

What is going well and what doesn't?

What can be improved?

Where do the hidden business values lie?

Process Mining is that valuable

Still not convinced that Process Mining is a game changer for your company? Then you are probably not yet aware of the full range of benefits.


Objective insights –
based on facts

Process mining is based on data and facts. This is because all information is derived from real data. There is no more precise way to monitor and analyze business processes.

Precision, speed, cost savings

While process mapping is time-consuming and often only provides imprecise, subjective data, process mining impresses with its speed and precision. On top of that, it is also considered more cost-effective than many other methods.

No need for a redesign

Many are hesitant to optimize their processes. This is because they are often required to replace systems or initiate other major changes. If this is not in your interest, Process Mining is your optimal choice. It works in addition to your existing systems and effectively helps to leverage your existing investments. Redesigns are not necessary.

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Bringing process reality to light

Visualize & Discover

All data and process insights
in one place


The mpmX dashboard combines KPIs with interactive process analysis, while the Process Analyzer presents data flows visually and interactively. This visualization allows you to easily identify frequent process variations. You can switch views and apply filters based on different factors. Natural language search and AI capabilities provide insights for informed and facilitated decision making.

The combination of process performance indicators (PPIs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) gives you a single point of truth for analyzing, optimizing and managing your business and value creation. This opens the doors to a corporate culture driven by insight as well as to improved operational excellence.

Employees can carry out analyses and create automations independently using the self-service functionalities while complying with data governance.  Seamless collaboration between IT, data scientists, process managers and users leads to maximum insight and more informed decisions in an astonishingly short time.

Native InMemory technology enables arbitrary views of all data and processes. It indexes and understands every correlation in your data, so employees can freely search in any direction. Just as x-rays offer insights to hidden parts of the body, the associative discovery and search capabilities gives you data insights you can’t get using query-based tools.

In addition to the unparalleled options for analysis, users can expect first-class assistance. Augmented intelligence functions, such as process insights suggestions and natural language interaction with the Insight Bot, provide employees with analytical, interpretative, and decision-making support.

From process transparency
to process optimization

Automatically detect deviations

Conformance Checking

Are our processes up to scratch? How well does our actual process perform compared to the target process model? Convenient conformance checking enables reliable monitoring of entire processes and sub-processes, as well as benchmarking of different company codes, countries, and so on. The automatic classification of processes into fitness classes enables quick clustering and customized root cause analysis.

Identify the cause of inefficiencies

Automated root cause analysis

With automatic Root Cause Analysis (RCA), you can immediately find the underlying causes of bottlenecks and other problems. Functions such as the identification of important influencing factors on anomalies as well as their quantification by influence strength and frequency are valuable functions for a quick root cause analysis.

Automated fitness check
for your processes

Monitoring the governance
of your overall processes

root cause analysis

Monitoring critical
process factors


Analyze ongoing processes and act immediately

Process monitoring
& predictions

Thanks to the real-time analysis function of mpmX, you gain insights into ongoing processes and their status. This allows you to take corrective action at an early stage to prevent processes from getting out of control. mpmX enables the actions to be applied directly in the respective source system. Furthermore, strengthened by artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, mpmX allows you to simulate and forecast various process developments.

Predictive process analysis

Intuitive management of corrective actions

Interactive recording of manual processes

Triggering actions in external systems


Where insights become action

From analyzing to executing actions

Automate and
digitalize processes

With mpmX execution, you take intelligent actions directly from your Process Excellence Platform. mpmX enables you to automate and orchestrate repetitive, manual, and time-consuming tasks in business processes.

What our customers say

“The application process for asylum seekers and other foreign residents in Norway is complex and involved a number of actors in addition to UDI. The excellent user experience and functionality of mpmX convinced us, as well as their generic approach of being able to easily integrate even individual processes. Process analysis, monitoring and modelling were easy to implement and customise. We were impressed by the good customer service and quick assistance during the entire testing period and beyond.”

Magnar Naustdalslid | Process Mining Manager in the Analysis and Development Department | UDI


“With mpmX we found a perfectly fitting solution for our BGV server landscape and infrastructure. The high performance with large data volumes was convincing. Furthermore, the flexible self-service analysis options allowed us to define to-be processes.”

Daniel Dehm | Head of Business Intelligence | BGV Badische Versicherungen

Insights in Process Mining

What is a process?

For targeted and efficient process mining, it must first be clarified what a process actually is. If you deal with processes on a daily basis, you should be familiar with the definition:

A process is a series of actions or steps that are repeated from a defined start to a defined goal.

Processes pursue different goals. Generally speaking, they are supposed to establish and maintain a clearly understandable sequence. This ensures that tasks are performed consistently and efficiently.

And what is Process Mining?

Step by step, you and your employees leave traces in your transactional systems during a process. Event logs are created. The event log data provides you with an optimal overview and is the basis for Process Mining. Process Mining helps you with this:

Visualize company processes in real time

Identify opportunities for added value

Optimize inefficiencies that are identified

Starting out as an academic theory, Process Mining is now one of the most valuable business technologies. Companies around the globe use the strategies provided by mining tools such as mpmX.

How does Process Mining work?

The technique of process mining consists of recognizing, monitoring, and improving real processes by extracting event logs from information systems.

Processes in the real world

A business process in the real world is made up of successive events. In our digitalized world, people interact with various software, databases or apps (IT systems) in these processes.

Digital traces in IT systems

The IT systems used in the process store event data, like ID number and timestamps, which are called event logs. These are the starting point for the process mining technique.

Event logs from the
event data

The logs are extracted from the IT systems and transformed into a target format. As the data is available in many different databases and formats, data extraction is complex and demanding. The raw, unorganized event logs are structured by constructing new event logs in a standardized target format. These systematic event logs are tables that specify events using attributes. They contain an identifier (Case ID), an activity name (Activity Type), time marks (Timestamps) and other optional attributes.

Process model and analyses

The event logs can be used to generate a process model – a digital copy of the real process. The digital process can then be researched, filtered or cleaned up in the Process Mining software in order to optimize the real process.

Process Mining: An enrichment for every business

Efficiency is the top priority for most companies – after all, it ensures success in day-to-day business. And this is exactly where Process Mining comes into play:

Process mining gives you valuable information about how your business process actually works.

In this way, you can improve it, which can have a positive impact on your profits and many other areas. Some companies don't even know how variable their processes are, let alone the impact this variability can have. Sound familiar? There is a solution.

With Process Mining, never again lose track of how processes run across departments, systems and programs.

With mpmX, the ultimate comparison is possible. How should your processes work in theory and how do they work in practice? Thanks to our process mining tool, your departments will be able to communicate better and systems will work more smoothly. Thus none of your processes will get out of hand.

But what if you don't use Process Mining? Then this can entail the following risks:

Low efficiency
Loss of value
Unfulfilled customer needs
Higher strain on resources

See for yourself how Process Mining brings programs, systems, processes and people together to benefit your business!

Use Cases

Process Mining as a versatile method

Who can use Process Mining? Anyone! Because the use cases for Process Mining are nearly unlimited. This technology is suitable for an incredibly wide range of industries and business functions.

The number of possible use cases for Process Mining is almost unlimited. By using Process Mining to uncover weaknesses and eliminate inefficiencies, it is possible to strengthen supply chains, sustainability efforts, and many other areas.

Improve your results by accelerating transformation efforts

Reduction of emissions and implementation of sustainable expenditure management

Shared Services
Transformation from a cost center to a value magnet

System transformation
Acceleration of migration processes and minimization of risks

Supply chains
Increase the resilience of supply chains

Process optimization
Uncover hidden opportunities for value creation


The right business apps for your use cases

For even faster process insights and immediate process improvements, choose the right mpmX Business App for your use case. The mpmX Business Apps are tailored to different departments, systems and use cases.

Process Mining: A must-have for businesses

Is Process Mining still a nice-to-have or has it become a must-have for companies? As an expert, mpmX has the answer: Process Mining is an important component in companies that want to go places.

The reasons are very simple. In a time of constant change, new technologies are constantly emerging. Customer expectations are also rising. And the competition is not sleeping either. As a result, the need for greater efficiency is constantly increasing.

If you want to remain competitive, create satisfied customers, and achieve significant growth for your company, you have no other choice: Process Mining is your modern solution.

Through 2026, insufficient business process management maturity will prevent 90% of organizations from reaching desired business outcomes from their end-to-end process mining initiatives.

Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Process Mining Platforms,  April 29, 2024

The right time is now!

When should you start with Process Mining? The answer is: Now! Because if there's one thing we know as experts, it's that it's never too late or too early to start process mining in your company.

Are you entertaining the idea but not sure whether Process Mining is right for your company? Then act now. The sooner you implement Process Mining into your BI toolbox, the faster you can reap the benefits of process optimization. 

It is especially worthwhile to think about Process Mining
in the following areas of your business:

Search for new ways to create added value

Mergers and partnerships with other companies

Optimizing measures for improved sustainability

Systems Migration

Reorganizing Shared Services

Process improvement

Supply Chain resilience

Implementing modern technologies such as AI

Optimizing Process Mining – with the help of mpmX

How does Process Mining work? How to design the process optimally?

Collect data

Create a solid data basis. This is the starting point for process mining. Determine the areas in your company where a lot of data is collected. Business applications prove to be particularly beneficial in this regard. It is also possible to extract a large amount of data from IoT devices. Our platform translates the collected data from various sources into a unified event log.

Compare target and
actual status

What are the target processes you want to achieve? A simple comparison of the model to the as-is state of your processes can be used to determine what the optimum process in your company looks like and which deviations still exist.

Determine optimizations

Which processes need to be optimized most urgently? Ask yourself the following questions for each process:

  • Is the process optimally elaborated, or is there still room for improvement?
  • Does everyone involved live this process, or are there critics in the company?
  • Are there workarounds that indicate that a process is not working perfectly?

With the help of your hypotheses and an optimization pipeline, you can use mpmX to quickly start the analysis and objectively identify optimization potential.

Operate monitoring

Are the changes that have been initiated showing an effect? Do some areas still need to be adjusted? You can find out through in-depth monitoring. Process Mining tools help you to monitor the new processes from day one.

Smooth Process Mining with mpmX analytics

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