mpmX analytics

Process Mining

Discover the agile Process Excellence Platform with the shortest time-to-value. With mpmX, you get a comprehensive solution to increase process efficiency, characterized by easy data sourcing and preparation, an outstanding analytics experience and intuitive action management. Whether you are a mid-sized company or a large corporation, mpmX is for you.


Visualize & Discover

All data and process insights
in one place

The mpmX dashboard combines KPIs with interactive process analysis, while the Process Analyzer presents data flows visually and interactively. This visualization allows you to easily identify frequent process variations. You can switch views and apply filters based on different factors. Natural language search and AI capabilities provide insights for informed and facilitated decision making.

The combination of process performance indicators (PPIs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) gives you a single point of truth for analyzing, optimizing and managing your business and value creation. This opens the doors to a corporate culture driven by insight as well as to improved operational excellence.

The self-service functionalities that consider of data governance enable employees to perform analyses independently and to create automations. Seamless collaboration between IT, data scientists, process managers and users leads to maximum insight and more informed decisions in an astonishingly short time.

Native InMemory technology enables arbitrary views of all data and processes. It indexes and understands every correlation in your data, so employees can freely search in any direction. Just as x-rays offer insights to hidden parts of the body, the associative discovery and search capabilities gives you data insights you can’t get using query-based tools.

In addition to the already unparalleled options for analysis, users can expect first-class assistance. Augmented intelligence functions, such as the suggestion of process insights and natural language interaction with the Insight Bot, provide employees with analytical, interpretative and decision-making support.


Automatically detect deviations

Conformance Checking

Are our processes up to scratch? How well does our actual process perform compared to the target process model? Convenient conformance checking enables reliable monitoring of entire processes and sub-processes, as well as benchmarking of different company codes, countries, and so on. The automatic classification of processes into fitness classes enables quick clustering and customized root cause analysis.

Identify the cause of inefficiencies

Automated root cause analysis

With automatic Root Cause Analysis (RCA), you can immediately find the underlying causes of bottlenecks and other problems. Functions such as the identification of important influencing factors on anomalies as well as their quantification by influence strength and frequency are valuable functions for a quick root cause analysis.

Automated fitness check
for your processes

Monitoring the governance
of your overall processes

root cause analysis

Monitoring critical
process factors

Analyze ongoing processes and act immediately

Process monitoring
& predictions

Thanks to the real-time analysis function of mpmX, you gain insights into ongoing processes and their status. This allows you to take corrective action at an early stage to prevent processes from getting out of control. mpmX enables the actions to be applied directly in the respective source system. Furthermore, strengthened by artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, mpmX allows you to simulate and forecast various process developments.

Predictive process analysis

Intuitive management of corrective actions

Interactive recording of manual processes

Triggering actions in external systems


From analyzing to executing actions

Automate and
digitalize processes

With mpmX execution, you take intelligent actions directly from your Process Excellence Platform. mpmX enables you to automate and orchestrate repetitive, manual and time-consuming tasks in business processes.


Your action brings the transformation.

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