Realize Your Initiative.

The application scenarios of mpmX are diverse, neither limited to specific areas nor to typical processes. Do you want to change or move something fundamental in your company? Implement your initiative with mpmX. Here are just a few of the initiatives that our Process Excellence Platform makes possible.

Reaching Operational Excellence

We live in a world with digital business processes. These processes leave traces in IT systems. People are connected via IT systems, machines via IoT technologies. Complexity is increasing. Flexibility must be maintained. Costs are to be reduced. Digitalization is to be driven forward to reach Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence refers to the ability of a company to continuously improve its value chain in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. The goal is to enhance the quality of performance and minimize waste, ultimately leading to better outcomes. mpmX is your enabler for Operational Excellence.

Process monitoring
Control all processes, identify and handle potentials and risks

Process harmonization
 Harmonize processes across different organizational units & companies

Process optimization
Optimize in terms of throughput times, process costs, process stability

Product optimization
Analyze  products in terms of efficiency, performance and usability

Process automation
Recognize automation potentials and immediately execute automations

Transparent process tracking and reporting

Ensure quality in all processes and avoid errors through automation

Customer satisfaction
Measure customer satisfaction and proactively manage and optimize it

For your Department

Know-how for your business department.
Ready-made process & key performance indicator dashboards

For your System Landscape

Whether SAP standard process or cross-system process
in individual IT system landscapes

Plan and implement
Digital Transformation

Digital transformation enables new and improved processes, products and business models. Many companies invest immense sums in their digital transformation and are not successful in the end because they lack the answers to important questions. Where do I start to digitalize? Which processes are most worthwhile and how do I really execute the digital transformation of my company? mpmX can support you from the beginning to the end of your digital transformation.

Identify digitalization potential
Know exactly where digitalization will add the most value

Making digital progress measurable
Use relevant performance indicators for Impact Controlling

Implementing Digitalization
Digitalize files, processes and ways of working

Impact Controlling

Measure the progress of digitalization projects at an early stage. Contact us to get further information.

S/4HANA Migration &
ERP Transformations

Prepare and support S/4HANA migration projects / ERP transformations. Download our infographic about "SAP® S/4HANA Transformation with Process Mining".

Robotic Process Automation

Identify RPA potentials and avoid faulty RPA. Download our infographic "Successful Process Automation with RPA & Process Mining in 4 Steps".

Facilitated Compliance and Automated Audit Processes

The use of software has significantly changed auditing for organizations, providing new opportunities for insight, accuracy and compliance. With the help of mpmX, auditors and internal audit specialists can evaluate entire processes from start to finish to identify anomalies, detect fraud, and ensure compliance with corporate policies and regulatory standards. With mpmX, auditing is transformed from a manual process to a largely automated process.

Data & documentation
Complete transparency and availability of data and documents

Conformance Checking
Check process compliance and detect deviations

Fraud prevention & detection
Detect fraud automatically and take action in time

Facilitate communication with stakeholders on compliance topics


Your action brings the transformation.

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