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LinkedIn Live Event | Digital Twin of an Organization

Unlock the potential of Digital Twins of Organizations (DTO) in this insightful LinkedIn live event. DTOs are transforming how businesses optimize processes and make strategic decisions. In this session, we’ll explore the concept of DTO, its practical applications, and how integrating it with process mining can enhance its effectiveness and adoption.

LinkedIn Live Event | Object-Centric Process Mining

In our LinkedIn Live Event, we will discuss how the revolutionary approach of Object-Centric Process Mining (OCPM) is impacting the business world. Join us up close and actively as our hosts discuss the real added value and possible applications of this technological paradigm shift.

Simple decision-making through a Digital Twin

Process mining creates a digital twin of organizations in order to identify potential for improvement in real business processes. What if this potential and possible changes to processes could be simulated? And what if different future scenarios could be tested before a decision is made?

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MEHRWERK is named a Leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Process Mining Platforms

The 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Process Mining Platforms has been published, and we are delighted that MEHRWERK with mpmX has been named a Leader in this report for the second year in a row. Get the report and find out what makes MEHRWERK a Leader in the Magic Quadrant.

New Managing Director Darius Heisig takes charge of Sales and Marketing at MEHRWERK GmbH

Darius Heisig takes on the role of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), responsible for sales and marketing at MEHRWERK GmbH. Together with Constantin Wehmschulte, the Chief Product Officer, he will drive the business forward and promote the growth of the award-winning product mpmX.

Past webinars

mpmX in Focus: Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping is a lean management method for analyzing the current state of the processes that a product or service goes through from its creation to its final delivery to the customer. The aim is to discover critical and inefficient steps and to design an improved future state of the processes. Value stream maps are often still created manually in production with the help of interviews and stopwatches.

AI-driven Sustainability Transformation

Process Mining makes it possible to strategically analyze and monitor business processes and identify ways to significantly reduce one's carbon footprint. How does it work? With the help of the Process Excellence Platform mpmX, CO2 emissions in processes are made transparent - thanks to the digital twin - and optimized by algorithms. All key figures are evaluated in a process-oriented manner and shown in a digital twin, thus identifying the real polluters and making CO2 emissions visible so you can eliminate them.

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