The process mining boom will continue in 2023. The events and crises of the last few years are leading to new challenges that companies will have to face in this new fiscal year. In this article, you will learn what challenges the year 2023 holds in store and how process mining will respond to them. A look into the crystal ball tells us the Process Mining Trends 2023.


The process mining market continues to grow. More and more companies are recognizing the potential that this technology holds. Not only is the number of users of process mining increasing – there are also no limits to the variety of different use cases. The process mining market is again forecast to grow by 30-50% in 2023.

A look back

A look at the past year tells us the reasons for the general process mining boom. The two most important drivers for the growth and innovation of process mining are the increasing need for security and the growing digitization and automation.

The last year(s) have not been easy, both socially and economically. One crisis after another has hit us over the last few years. Individuals and companies have hardly had time to breathe. They are faced with new challenges: inflation, rising interest rates, energy crisis, supply chain failures or bottlenecks. At the same time, something positive also happened: the misfortunes have lead to a great deal of innovation. Companies are digitizing and automating their business processes to withstand the uncertain times by becoming more efficient.

Looking into the crystal ball

New challenges for companies have arisen from the events of the last years. Process mining can help companies meet these challenges. In our new insider portal ProcessMining BlackBox you can find the infographic on Process Mining Trends 2023, where you can learn about the new opportunities Process Mining promises in the current year.

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