As digitalization and automation continue to advance in companies, the global market for process mining is growing faster than ever before. In our infographic, you can find out in which areas process mining will be particularly relevant. Get to know the trends for 2024 now.

The global Process Mining market is growing like never before

More and more companies are understanding the added value that can be unlocked through Process Mining: Cost savings, improved process efficiency or automation projects are driving them. In terms of figures, 80% of companies are already motivated to integrate a Process Mining tool. This trend is also reflected in global market growth. An average annual growth rate of 45.6% is expected until 2028.

The Top 5 Process Mining Trends for 2024

Download our infographic for free and get to know the top 5 Process Mining trends for 2024. Which technical enhancements and use cases will shape the year 2024?


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