As individual as a company and its value creation processes are, so are its structures, its employees, its software landscape, its workflows and thus the data flows that flow through the entire company on a daily basis. In addition, the amount of data is increasing, but at the same time its importance and relevance for everyday decisions is growing. Standard analyses, analysis sheets prefabricated by experts or inflexible, centrally controlled reporting are reaching their limits in terms of flexibility and agility. The answer from BI vendors? User-friendly dashboards!

The classic concept of dashboards is relatively simple to explain: key figures and other information are made available in an interactively prepared form so that they can be analyzed by end users in the simplest possible way.

Where experts used to create prefabricated analysis sheets with the most important key figures, end users can now build their own dashboards – entirely according to their individual information needs. Qlik® refers to this as goverened Self Service BI. In this article, we call it agile dashboards.

Now imagine that automatically generated process graphs can also be populated with metrics and linked to visually appealing diagrams – as a natural part of your dashboard – so that processes can be examined in an interactive and intuitive way. Then we talk about Process Mining in agile dashboards, or simply agile Process Mining.

Process Mining | Qlik Dashboard
Process Mining SCM dashboard


Process Mining in agile dashboards

Why should companies consider flexible Process Mining right now, in 2020?

Your processes & workflows are very individual | Individual processes and goals require specific analysis options for decision makers. Self Service Process Mining is the ideal companion to create process-individual dashboards "on the fly" in no time and thus discover cost-critical process weaknesses and derive appropriate corrective measures.

Data-driven decisions are becoming increasingly important | A very high-level goal of many companies in 2020 is a "data-driven corporate culture". Agile dashboards with intelligent user support pave the way for this: employees easily examine complex processes in a dialog-oriented and visual way. Corrective measures can be derived and taken immediately.

For a fast reaction speed you need information at the right time in the right place | Speed Matters – in two ways: 1. Flexible and agile Self Service Process Mining allows you to build dashboards "on thy fly". 2. Decision-makers always have the metrics relevant to them in view and can act quickly. AI-supported process analysis helps to change course at an early stage – long before a KPI "sounds the alarm".

Conclusion: With flexible, agile Process Mining, the "time-to-benefit" can be drastically reduced compared to less dynamic process analysis solutions. From simple data connection and preparation to user-friendly dashboard creation via drag&drop – Self Service Process Mining is the answer for companies that want to quickly achieve sustainably optimized business processes – together with their employees.

Agile Process Mining | SCMWebinar on Demand | Sounds exciting, but abstract? The Process Mining experts of the Qlik®-based Process Mining solution MPM will demonstrate how a Process Mining Dashboard for supply chain transparency can be built "on the fly" in the webinar.