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Increase performance and customer satisfaction in Enterprise Service Management

Hey-Joe tickets, multiple hops, ticket ping-pong – granted, very nice nicknames for actually undesirable phenomena in Enterprise Service Management (ESM), also known from the closely related IT Service Management (ITSM). These time and cost eaters are just examples of the many potential stumbling blocks in terms of efficiency, automation, transparency, compliance and customer satisfaction! With the mpmX app for MATRIX42 you break down all these problems in an automated way and raise your service quality to a new level. Discover automation potentials and increase your efficiency in no time.

Typical challenges

Where are the tickets located and what factors increase the processing time?

How quickly does a ticket find the right resolution team?

What could we automate?


ITSM is not a solution that IT managers can just buy. It is a discipline supported by processes and tools that the IT organization must build over time.

// Forrester

Business App for Matrix42

Benefit from ready-made dashboards with valuable KPIs

First Contact Resolution

Overview of tickets solved directly at the first contact with lead time comparison FCR/Not FCR

First Level Resolution

Overview of tickets solved on the first level (e.g. team or department level)


Distribution of lead time, also shown by dimension, development of average (AVG or median) lead time


Overview of tickets that had to go through multiple agents or edit groups before being resolved


Analysis of the problem type, rate of resolved tickets (per problem type), classification of the ticket according to project with lead time, employees with the most open incidents

Smooth ESM processes HELLO.
Ticket Ping-Pong GOODBYE!

Standardized interfaces and a prebuilt ETL route to Matrix42 effortlessly integrate your data to provide valuable insights into your ESM processes. Easy-to-use dashboards illustrate key metrics that show you inefficiencies at a glance and visualize progress in optimization. Initiate actions and automations directly from the mpmX environment to take your service quality to a new level. Because with the Business App for Matrix42, you not only manage your ESM processes, but also control them.


Excellent service
Achieve optimal service levels by analyzing and visualizing business processes


Standardization and optimization
Increase your process quality by setting standards and best practices in all areas

Visual analyses
Diagrams and other visualizations help to easily identify deviations and inefficiencies

Meaningful performance indicators
KPIs on process cycle times, number of employees involved, degree of automation, ...

Identify inefficiencies
Identify processes with lengthy activities and high resource consumption


Increase automation rate
Identify your automation rate and get potentials for further automation opportunities

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